Twilight Romance in Seagull Bay by Michelle Hill (ePUB)

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Twilight Romance in Seagull Bay (Love in Seagull Bay #5) by Michelle Hill – Free eBooks Download


As the old year draws to a close in the picturesque Seagull Bay, the air is filled with more than just the scent of New Year’s resolutions and promises—love is blossoming all around. Amidst the cheerful merriment, Morgan orchestrates a magical folk night of dancing within the rustic confines of farmer Phil’s barn on to celebrate a milestone birthday. Laughter and joy fill the air as a cocktail-making competition sends spirits soaring.
However, it’s not just the high spirits of the residents that are in full swing. Morgan finds herself visited by three ethereal spirits in three vivid dreams—one guiding her through the memories of the past, another unveiling the enchanting present, and the last revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her future.
As the eve of her birthday dawns, Morgan can’t help but remember her dreams. However, on the night of the grand party, a secret admirer from Seagull Bay, who has harboured a deep, unspoken affection for Morgan for years, musters the courage to extend an invitation for a dance. The question looms: will Morgan heed the counsel of her spectral visions, embracing the dance of destiny, or will she let her walking stick become an excuse to sidestep the chance at love?

In this heartwarming tale, the choices made on this magical evening could hold the key to unlocking a future filled with happiness. Will Morgan’s decision kindle the flames of a love story for the ages, or will it leave her standing on the sidelines of her own romance?

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