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twice burned, claire wilder

Twice Burned (Jewel Lakes #4) by Claire Wilder – Free eBooks Download


I won’t be burned again.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy moving back home to Jewel Lakes County.
I knew, walking the streets of Barkley Falls, that I’d have to confront the most painful memories of my past.
I just didn’t expect I’d have to run into one of them in the flesh.
When we were teenagers, Hank promised he’d never let me go. When he left, he promised he’d come back.
Hank broke all his promises. And broke my heart into smithereens.
I don’t care if he’s a different man now. I don’t care if my heart feels like it’s going to shatter all over again seeing him here.
I’m not going to let him see his effect on me.
I’m not getting burned twice.

I messed up.
I messed up a lifetime ago, when I left the only woman I’ve ever loved to pursue a dream of being a firefighter in NYC.
I messed up when I went into that burning building with my best friend and came out alone.
Moving back home to Jewel Lakes was supposed to be a do-over. I was supposed to be able to live quietly, without messing anything else up.
But how am I supposed to do that when Casey’s back here too?
I never stopped loving Casey Mitchell. But she’s got a life of her own now. A business to run. A sweet little kid.
A hate-on for me.
How could she ever forgive me for what I did? How can I forgive myself, when everything I touch turns to ash?

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