Tutoring A Lady’s Heart by Bridget Barton (ePUB)

tutoring lady's heart, bridget barton

Tutoring A Lady’s Heart by Bridget Barton – Free eBooks Download


Kittie Montague, the younger sister of Earl of Courtshire, wants nothing more in life than a chance to learn and get lost in the endless world of knowledge. Much to her brother’s dismay, she knows that she is different from other ladies and is therefore utterly bored of high society and her duties. When a new tutor comes to teach her little brother. Kittie will grab this opportunity to learn all the subjects she has always craved in secret. What she didn’t expect though, is that among others, she would also learn what true love is. In a whirlwind of intellect, excitement, and even romance, will Kittie choose the path of her own life? Could the charming tutor be her ultimate destiny, even though they come from entirely different social standings?

Gabriel Whitman is an intelligent tutor, who has devoted his life to providing for his mother and sister, following his father’s irreparable loss. After finding employment as a tutor for a well-to-do family, he feels grateful for the opportunity and decides to not let anything stand in his way. However, he soon realises that his heart is playing strange games, as he finds his entire existence entrapped by his student’s sister and her divine presence. Even though the risks are great for his reputation, his career, and even his family, he cannot stop daydreaming about the fascinating young woman and her hauntingly beautiful hazel eyes. Will Gabriel find the courage to claim Kittie’s heart? Or will he bow down to the Earl’s disapprovement, too afraid to jeopardize his achievements for the sake of true love?

The more time Gabriel and Kittie are spending together, the more their unexpected love will confuse them and turn their lives upside down. To make matters worse, when the Earl finds out that his sister is not only learning things she shouldn’t, but has also fallen in love with the tutor, he decides to marry her off at the earliest opportunity. Could a miracle change the Earl’s unfair decision and soothe his cold heart? In the end, will Gabriel and Kittie manage to survive the storm and overrule their doomed fates?

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