TSE: Skulls The Early Years by Jessie Cooke (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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TSE: Skulls The Early Years (Skulls MC Romance #25) by Jessie Cooke – Free eBooks Download


She was forced to keep a secret…
…and thought about ending it all.

Then a hot young biker did something so drastic they both hit the road and escaped life to ride across the country in a journey fueled by endless love.

Ajei “My Heart” Yazzie is a seventeen-year-old girl with the spirit of a dove and the heart of a lion.

She’s not had an easy life, growing up without a father and losing her mother when she was barely in her teens.

Her aunt and uncle took her in however, and she’s lived with their family and her grandmother on the Navajo Nation in Phoenix ever since.

Aunt Lena is kind and loving, Uncle Malcolm…slightly intimidating, but Ajei does her best to stay out of his way and things are fine…for a while.

A beautiful, sunny day, a horse, and a swimming pond will be the background to what will change Ajei and her life forever.

But as it often does, goodness grows out of the ashes of darkness and Ajei’s light comes from a young man named Tse “Rock” Tsosie.

Rock risks his young life to save hers and that’s where their love story begins. It will span decades, highways, mountains and valleys and endure pain while celebrating joy.

Their biggest struggle will come in the form of what they’ve created together, and with the best intentions, just might destroy.

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