Trusted By The Highlander by Rebecca Preston (ePUB)

trusted highlander, rebecca preston

Trusted By The Highlander (Highlander Forever #8) by Rebecca Preston – Free eBooks Download


When she’s dragged back in time to 16th century Scotland, Melanie is thrust into the center of an old mystery and finds herself drawn to the changeling Aelfred who may unwittingly lead her straight into danger…

Private investigator Melanie Orwell has been in a lot of weird situations in her ten-year career, but coming to the Highlands of centuries ago definitely takes the cake. When she ends up at the center of the Loch, struggling in the water, the fact that she’s not alone lets her push aside the strangeness for a moment and spurs her into action to save both their lives.

Aelfred Grant was adopted by the Sidhe at a very young age and has little memory of his parents or life outside the Burgh. Now that his adoptive family has sent him forth to live his adult life on Earth, he faces the mystery of his past and the distraction of the time-lost woman who emerged from the water with him.
The romance blossoming between Melanie and Aelfred is put to the test when the dark secret of his past returns to the present, with sights set on them both. Melanie must use her skills to help Aelfred get to the bottom of his situation while also protecting him from a danger too close to home.

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