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trinity, athena steller

Trinity (Unlocked Mates #2) by Athena Steller – Free eBooks Download


A Hellhound, Bear, and Bobcat shifter inside the same BDSM club—the sparks are going to fly.

The Alpha to the Hellhounds, Bo has left the Hell realm to search for his mate. The small town he finds himself in calls to him and Bo knows he needs to keep his eyes open. Even trying to prepare himself, Bo is shocked when the truth about his mate is revealed.

Craig has watched over his pack mate Nate knowing one day he was going to have to let him go. As a bear shifter, Craig has two mates somewhere he will hopefully find one day. He won’t know either of his mates until he’s scented them both. But Craig carries a deep dark secret in his heart. He isn’t actually looking for his mates—Craig lost his heart to Nate long ago, and until Nate’s mate comes to claim him, Craig’s main purpose in life is to keep Nate safe and happy.

Nate is broken. It doesn’t matter how many times his family, Craig, or anyone else tells him that he’s not, Nate knows the truth. He’s an ex-military sniper with blood on his hands. He lost his ability to scent during an explosion and suffers from PTSD and night terrors. The only time he feels safe and comfortable is when he is little. Nate knows he is too much trouble and hopes to spare a mate from having to take care of him.

In one instant, everything changes for Bo, Craig, and Nate.
Now they must fight to become the strong triad they’re meant to be.

This book is an exploration of a relationship between three (male) consensual adults who are looking for love and acceptance. All characters in sexual situations are over the age of consent.
No cheating or cliffhangers, and an HEA is a guarantee.
This book contains scenes with Daddy kink, Age Play, Abdl, and more.

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