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Tricky Puck (Portsmouth Whalers Hockey #4) by Stephanie Queen – Free eBooks Download


I’d never heard of a real life matchmaker before, but grandma insists on introducing me to one and makes sure it’s really real when she tells me I’m her matchmaker’s new client…
Normally, I’d do anything for grandma, but this is a big ask. Because I’m not ready to settle down. Not even close. I’m a twenty-something a rising star in the NHL – otherwise known as a chick-magnet.
After all the hard work and focus I got my big contract and now is my time to enjoy the rewards. No way am I going along with the matchmaking plan.
That attitude changes fast when grandma informs me her clock is ticking and her time’s almost up.
And her only wish is to see me settled down with a nice young woman. Shit.
She goes on about babies, but my mind is spinning with the knowledge that I have no choice. I need to go along with this matchmaking deal for grandma.
Unless I can come up with a way to give her the comfort she wants, the illusion that I’m settled down–without actually settling down…

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