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trick of light, katie winters

Trick of Light (The Sutton Book Club #2) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


A Sutton daughter flees Savannah, a monstrous husband, and his sexist family. But when she returns to Nantucket, she learns that the past is not done with her yet — and that a long-lost love may not have forgotten about her, either.

Bethany Sutton is one of the most sought-after surgeons across the east coast. Her expertise has brought hundreds of patients back to good health. But, despite her intellect and hard work, her husband and his family don’t respect her. The reason is clear. Men are meant to be surgeons, not women. How dare she take their place?
Bethany’s husband is a surgeon, too. He comes from a long line of Savannah surgeons, all of whom expected him to carry on the family name in the medical field. The only problem: he’s not a very good surgeon. And when he makes yet another mistake on the operating table, he cuts Bethany out of his life — and forces her to analyze the dynamics of their relationship and the sexism in his family.

Does she really want to raise her children around these people?
When Bethany returns to Nantucket with her three children in tow, an old friend contacts her out of the blue, totally upending her already topsy-turvy life.

Rod is a social worker, with a daughter and a grandson he adores more than anything. He knows Bethany is the only person in the world who can save his family — but he also knows that he was tremendously cruel to her in the past. He hopes she can forgive him just enough. He needs her to open her heart to him. He needs her help.

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