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Trey: European Redemption (Russian Mob Chronicles #7) by Shandi Boyes – Free eBooks Download


A kaleidoscope is a cylinder full of broken pieces, yet everyone still stares at it in awe. Who’s to say the same can’t be said for women?

Before being thrust in the violent and terrifying sex-trafficking industry, Kristina Svoboda lived in a tiny hamlet in her home country of Czechia. She had an unfulfilling yet peaceful life before she drew the eye of a royal-blooded aristocrat who took what he wanted and lived his life without consequences.
For six years, she’s been beaten, tortured, and exploited, yet her shoulders don’t carry the weight of her abuse. Her heart does, which is exactly what Trey Corbyn plays on when he spots her from afar seconds after she’s released from captivity.
He sees past the frail skin, hollow eyes, and waif-thin exterior.
He sees a survivor.
A woman.
Someone just as broken as him.
With his instincts no longer in existence and his possessiveness dangerous, can a broken man fix a fragilely timid woman? Or will his insecurities worsen her cracks until they reach a point they’ll be unfixable?

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