Trapper 2: The Wild Ones by Jessie Cooke (ePUB)

trapper 2, jessie cooke

Trapper 2: The Wild Ones (Jokers MC #9) by Jessie Cooke, Suzy Wilson – Free eBooks Download


A relationship born out of lies, a partnership forged out of the basic need to survive. That’s what Trapper has with Kamila, but can a relationship built on secrets ever survive? Trapper is a wanted man, Kamila is a woman literally “owned” by men for almost twenty years. Both of them are hurt, afraid, and desperate, and they’ll have to make a choice. They can be Declan Walsh and his Green Sons’ victims, or they can fight back, and try to bring Declan Walsh to his knees.

Blackheart and the New Orleans Jokers are a 1%er motorcycle club, but if there’s one thing that pisses off the big, blue-eyed Cajun and his men it’s the abuse of innocents. When Blackheart and the Jokers team up with Trapper and Kamila, they become a force to be reckoned with. Declan Walsh sits on top of the world…he takes what he wants, when he wants it, with no thought to who is being ruined in the process. But Declan didn’t count on Trapper, Kamila, and the Jokers striking at the very foundation of everything he’s built. His kingdom is about to crumble,—the only question is, who will be left standing on top of the rubble, and who will be caught underneath?

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