Trapped: Until The Darkest Of Night by Mila Olsen (ePUB)

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Trapped: Until The Darkest Of Night (Under Northern Skies #2) by Mila Olsen – Free eBooks Download


Haunted by a past that never leaves me, I’ve spent years in the Yukon’s unforgiving solitude. Nothing in my life has ever made sense—until I stumble upon Louisa online. With her light and laughter, she seems untouchable, perfect. From that moment, she becomes the center of my universe. Obsessively, I watch her every post, save every photo. She never knows, but she is everything to me.
Then, one day, she vanishes from the online world, and my fragile sense of happiness shatters. Driven by desperation, I concoct a wild plan: abduct Louisa, keep her close forever. But can obsession ever morph into genuine love? What if Louisa isn’t the girl I’ve built up in my mind?

This is a story that will both inspire and disturb, a love story that dares to ask: can true affection grow from dark beginnings?

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