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transition, summer rose

Transition (Redwood High #1) by Summer Rose – Free eBooks Download


A high school romance that seems too good to be true when people suddenly start disappearing…

Katrina Dawson, a seventeen-year-old teenager, has been living a charmed life until her father’s mysterious death.
Devastated and in shock, Katrina struggles to accept her new reality. When her mother decides to move them to the sleepy little town of Redwood, Katrina is too sad to start over…
New town, new house, new friends. Kat is struggling to adjust and everything is a little overwhelming at first.
One day, she meets four boys who end up becoming her best friends. Life seems exciting again…
But can Katrina already tell that these boys will change her life forever?
At the moment, she’s much too occupied with her crush. The boy she’s fallen for doesn’t seem to give her time of day… and then suddenly, he opens up about his dark secret.
Will Kat be able to handle what’s coming?
Can she trust him now that she knows what happened?
She barely has time to enjoy her new romance when the girls who bullied her start missing…
Kat can’t help but notice strange connections between her missing classmates and her father’s death.
When she learns the girls have been murdered, all the pieces start falling into place.
Will Kat find the killer in time? Is she safe from his strange desires?

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