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touched, skye turner

Touched (Elemental Passions #1) by Skye Turner, et al – Free eBooks Download


Within the sultry streets of New Orleans, a world of mystical magic lies hidden in plain sight. Detective Callum LeBlanc’s life takes a turn into the extraordinary when he meets Aeris, a captivating Fae from the mystical realm of Laric. With her unique abilities and ethereal beauty, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever known. But when Callum sees through Aeris’s Glamor, it’s not just her secrets that are unveiled.
In a world where Fae-Human unions are strictly forbidden, destiny comes into play. But their love is not the only thing brewing in the shadows.
As Callum and Aeris navigate their intense connection and the ensuing conflict, they must confront the question: Can fated love conquer all?
Set against a backdrop of mystique and allure, Touched is a steamy, spellbinding tale of forbidden love, destiny, and the elemental forces that guide us.

Join the journey in this first installment of a five-book series, where Elemental Passions take center stage, crafting a wondorous world where the line between myth and reality blurs.

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