Tormented By Regret by Crimson Syn (ePUB)

tormented regret, crimson syn

Tormented by Regret (RBMC: New Orleans National Chapter #7) by Crimson Syn – Free eBooks Download


I’m not anyone’s Forever.
At least that’s what I kept telling myself,
Until I met her.
It was supposed to be an easy job.
Find the girl, grab the girl, and drag the girl home.
But when it came to Whisper Hudson, nothing was easy.
The woman was as wild as her father and as stubborn as her brother.
Being an RBMC Princess meant she was off limits to all of us.
She challenged me every step of the way, bringing out the worst in me.
So why did I crave her?
Why did she tempt me?
To make matters worse, we were being hunted.
Hunted by a past that had no mercy.
A past that wanted to take away everything that mattered to me,
And Whisper mattered more than I wanted her to.
Denying it was futile.
Now, if only she’d trust me enough to let me in.

I harbored a secret.
A curse that I carried with me since the day I was born.
I didn’t let anyone near me so easily,
Afraid I’d be trapped- my wings clipped.
It was not in the cards to fall in love with a biker,
An infuriatingly, irresistible biker,
Who was under orders to take away the one thing that mattered to me.
My freedom.
But despite my resistance, the tension between us grew thicker,
And with one touch, we both lost control.
I had spent my whole life alone,
running away from everyone and everything.
But for the first time, I was afraid of being left behind.
I had found my forever, and despite the dark secrets that haunt us,
I am not willing to let him go.

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