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tormented, eve riley

Tormented (From The Edge #6) by Eve Riley – Free eBooks Download


He will fight for their future…

Sol and his little brother escaped the abuse of their foster father only to end up on the streets. Always on the move, they wind up in a small town that oddly feels like home. It’s the first place that ever has, so they make plans to stick around and set up in a local tent city.
Sol keeps River safe and healthy no matter what, but after their home is raided, Sol is worried about their future. River’s new social worker offers help that Sol just can’t refuse. Despite his growing attraction to Isaiah, Sol is convinced the older man could never want someone as tainted and broken as he is.
Isaiah sees beyond to the caring big brother who has given everything to make sure his sibling is provided for. The social worker doesn’t care about Sol’s past. Despite the fact the two brothers have been homeless for the last four years, it doesn’t define either of them.
Nor does it change the way Isaiah views the man Sol has become. Truth is, he finds Sol simply amazing and his attraction to the younger man is undeniable. The two are caught up in an emotional upheaval one night when River goes missing. As he comforts Sol, Isaiah realizes he can no longer keep his feelings to himself.
Can the two forge the kind of future together that Sol has never dreamed possible?

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