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tor, sky purington

Tor (Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire #5) by Sky Purington – Free eBooks Download


Torn between two women. Which one will he choose and what will it cost?

Like her sisters, Raven has no memory of traveling back in time to ancient Scandinavia before the Forge began. All she knows is she’s destined for a man who’s in love with another woman. So imagine her surprise when Tor shows up in the twenty-first century to see through saving humanity with her. A quest she soon learns has more to do with obligation than anything else.
While tempted to remain by Revna’s side, Tor has no choice but to seek out Raven. Whether he loves someone else or not, they must work together to end the Great War once and for all. The greater good must come first. Yet as they set out, destined to navigate Mt. Galdhøpiggen and its seers, he soon learns nothing is what it seems. Everything he thought he knew was wrong.
Thrust on a passionate adventure, Tor and Raven make their way through a maze of secrets they never saw coming. Shocking truths that will either make them stronger or drive them apart forever in the epic conclusion of Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire.

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