To Want a Rogue by Tammy Andresen (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

want rogue, tammy andresen

To Want a Rogue (De Wolfe Pack Connected World) by Tammy Andresen – Free eBooks Download


He was a dark de Wolfe and she was too desperate to deny him…

Delia had never been more frightened in her life. Sprinting through the rain, she comes upon the only oasis in the storm, a dark castle with stone wolves at that gate. She doesn’t want to enter but she doesn’t have much choice. With her brother trapped in their carriage, she needs help. But the man she finds inside the castle… it’s not clear if he’s her angel or a devil.

Lord Gavin deWolfe knows his old castle is off-putting, in fact, he prefers it that way. After the loss of his wife, he wishes to shut out the world. That is until a wet and pathetic girl lands in a puddle on his floor. He’ll help her and then send her on her way. The problem, her brother’s too injured to travel and she is no girl after all.

She’s all woman and she stirs feelings in him he thought long dead.

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