To Save A Marriage by Destiny Davin (ePUB)

to save marriage, destiny davin

To Save A Marriage (The Rakes Club #2.5) by Destiny Davin – Free eBooks Download


Grace is the wallflower at every ball. If she had the confidence of the other debutantes, perhaps the earl she has eyes for might look her way. But she’s not pretty or interesting, so why is Lord Barrington asking her for a dance?

Lady Elizabeth Charters needs to marry. Her parents allowed her to decline offers last season but she cannot remain a spinster and despairs of finding a husband who even vaguely interests her. When a marriage arrangement to a soon-to-be marquess is proposed, she accepts. Even though Lizzy has never met this man, she plans on having a strong marriage. If only she understood what it took to keep a husband from straying.
Aaron Crowther, the last remaining unmarried member of the Rakes Club needs a wife to collect an unexpected inheritance that will rectify a recent financial disaster. A wife in name only. While he awaits to meet his anonymous intended, he will amuse himself with the beguilingly innocent Lizzy who yearns to learn the ways of the marriage bed.

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