To Pick a Violet by Olivia Wilder (ePUB)

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To Pick a Violet by Olivia Wilder – Free eBooks Download


In a kingdom torn by war, Violet uses her gifts to heal and feed those in need. As princess of Veris, she will do anything for her people, fighting to do more despite the king and queen’s disapproval.

When she discovers the enemy kingdom’s prince has set his deadly sights on her to end the war once and for all, she knows there will be little she can do to defend herself against the Prince of Taro. Yet, as she waits for the death that she is sure is to come at his hands, she is met with something far more terrifying.
Prince Kieran Charles Ryder is the general of his father’s armies and a destructive force on the battlefield. With deadly magic that can render his opponents motionless and steal the thoughts straight from their heads, he has earned his title as the Prince of Death. Ending the war and healing his dying lands is the top priority for Kieran, even if it means kidnapping the princess he despises to achieve it.

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