To Love Calum Dissick by Maramartha (ePUB)

to love calum, maramartha

To Love Calum Dissick (Stepbrother Dearest #2) by Maramartha – Free eBooks Download


The emotional back and forth has finally taken a toll on Calum. He’s ready to settle, stop denying his feelings for Cathie, and give her what she wants, which is, himself. All of him.
But on certain conditions.
Dating his stepsister shouldn’t be hard, but there are rules they must follow.
One: Their relationship must be kept a secret.
Two: No touching in public.
Three: No pet names.
Four: Refer to rules one, two, and three.
These rules seem easy but breaking them is easier. And the problem Cathie has with all four rules is this: she wants to show off her first boyfriend. She wants to kiss her stepbrother in public, smack his arse, steal chips from his plate, and make duets with him so the world knows he’s completely hers.
But rules are rules, and she must keep to her own end of the bargain. What happens when their secret comes crashing down? Will their love be enough to save them?

This grumpy sunshine forbidden romance takes you on an angsty emotional rollercoaster, pulls you in with the drama, secret relationships, and introduces you to characters you’ll hurt, love, and laugh with. Prepare to enter the fictional town of Wells Spring and city of Yorkrinth with a strong female lead who is convinced loving her rockstar stepbrother is the best idea since ice-cream and chips.

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