To Love a Lady’s Scars by Sally Forbes (ePUB)

love lady's scars, sally forbes

To Love a Lady’s Scars by Sally Forbes – Free eBooks Download


She had an accident that cost her her beloved mother… Now, her scars will never help her forget that tragic moment.. but the horses know better than that.. and perhaps so does the Marquess of Radmore! Can two very different people find love after all they have endured in the past?

Ten years ago Josephine Balfour and her mother were involved in a horrific carriage accident. Sadly, Josephine’s mother succumbed to her injuries. Josephine was left with severe scarring on the left side of her face. She found solace in working with horses on her father’s horse farm. But Josephine’s world is turned upside down when her father is double-crossed by his business partner, leaving him no other choice but to sell off their prized horses. But fate intervenes when Josephine’s father receives a letter from the Duke of Carlswood. The duke is interested in discussing new business ties with Josephine’s father. But there’s a catch: they must attend a house party hosted by the duke’s sister. Josephine has spent years avoiding ridicule from others, but now she must hold her head up high to save what matters most to her in the world.

Rupert Calvert—The Marquess of Rudmore—has returned home having spent the last four years traveling. He is passionate about horses and plans to become a renowned horse breeder. Rupert procured three beautiful Spanish mares on his recent trip to Spain. But Rupert is not impressed when his father proposes a business arrangement with Mr. Geoffrey Balfour. Rupert has no desire to do business with a mere gentleman until he meets his daughter Josephine, who is also passionate about horses!

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