To Heal a Brokenhearted Lord by Bridget Barton (ePUB)

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To Heal a Brokenhearted Lord by Bridget Barton – Free eBooks Download


All that Honoria Harding has been wishing for is to marry for love and live her happily ever after. While she has always known that the man of her dreams is her childhood best friend, everything crashes down when he finds himself trapped in an unwanted marriage. To add insult to injury, two years later he is called to serve his country in the war, leaving Honoria unable to know if she will ever see him again or not. When she discovers that he might have died on the battlefield, she is stubborn enough to not allow a single tear, until she finds proof that he is indeed gone forever. In a surprising turn of events, her other half has survived against all odds, and when he returns home, Honoria finds her heart entrapped by his gracious presence. Will she find the courage to claim her own happiness despite the challenges life throws her way? Will she manage to fulfil her dreams and share her life with the only man she has ever loved?

While everyone believes he is dead, Guy Mannfield, Earl of Wiltshire, returns to London to find that his wife remarried right after the announcement of his passing. Wondering how quickly she moved on, Guy’s suspicions are piqued by strange entries in his finance books. He knows he must investigate further or he may be ruined for good. To make matters more complicated, an unforeseen encounter with his long-lost best friend, makes his heart skip a beat. The last he expected was that she would be the one to help him find the truth about his wife’s schemes. In the course of time, his undeniably romantic feelings for her rise to the surface and his heart secretly dreams of a future with her. But the road is full of obstacles and he will have to move heaven and earth to find love and inner peace. Will Guy take the opportunity to right past regrets with his best friend? Will he uncover his ex-wife’s subterfuge and clear the path to claim Honoria’s heart?

Right when the two soulmates find each other again, challenging circumstances will test their love one more time. Will Honoria and Guy heal their past scars and give love a second chance? How far are they willing to go to beat the odds and find their way back to each other’s hearts?

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