To Fall for a Dragon by Toshi Drake (ePUB)

to fall for dragon, toshi drake

To Fall for a Dragon (Monsters in Love Side Stories) by Toshi Drake – Free eBooks Download


A lost vampire returns to the small town of Granite after learning that a letter he wrote a century ago is featured as a love letter in a museum exhibit. Not wanting anyone to see such drivel, Poe attempts to sneak in and steal it back, only to run into a dragon protecting his horde.

Hakko, Granite’s fierce dragon protector, will do anything to keep his new home safe. He’ll be the lone guard against the might of the town’s mayor, Elijah. But when he discovers a homeless vampire speaking to the trees in the museum’s cemetery, the scales around his heart shatter around him and he falls hard for Poe.
Poe doesn’t want to become attached to the place that wrecked him when he was human. Once he takes his letters, he’s out of Granite forever. Fate has other plans for him. Reuniting with Sawyer, the vampire who made him, Poe finds a strength he didn’t know he had. And a future he never thought he’d see.

To Fall For a Dragon is set at the same time as Demons Treasure Warlocks. With a prickly hero, and gentle yet stubborn dragon, this book offers a vampire a chance to fight back and a dragon who finds a bit of redemption.

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