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‘Tis Wedding Season by Millie Shepherd – Free eBooks Download


He’s scared of turning into his cheating dad. She had her heart shattered and hasn’t glued all the pieces back together yet. They agree to be just friends, but how long will that last as the sparks flame higher?

I needed a job and a way out of town, so when Ryder told me about the opening at the Bryford Barn, I jumped on it. He mentioned the boss’s daughter but excluded one not-so-minor detail–she’s a stunner. Not only do her tan legs go for miles and her snarky yet sweet personality makes my heart do things I don’t want it to, we’re working together. Like… day in, day out. I’m not interested in any relationship, let alone one with her, yet when Ryder and his girlfriend sucker me into a blind date, I’m terrified my new friendship with Shaley might be destroyed. But what I can’t understand is why staying “just” friends with Shay is turning out to be so hard…

Wedding season… it runs my life. Well, technically that’s Bryford Barn, my family’s wedding venue. Unfortunately we need to hire a new hand since I can’t handle my duties by myself anymore thanks to our chock-full wedding schedule. I knew the new person was a man, but the last thing I expected was a handsome guy who’s my age. My heart is still sore from getting rejected by a jerk and I don’t want to risk hurting it again, but when Trace and I get closer, I don’t know what to think. I mean, how can a girl handle a dimple-flashing, hat-wearing gentleman with a heart of gold who understands her sense of sarcasm without slowly falling big time?

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