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timeless, declan rhodes

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Dylan Mercer is a rising star in professional hockey, adored by fans and unmatched on the ice. Yet, beneath the dizzying momentum of his young career lies a truth Dylan fears could derail everything: he’s gay in a world where he fears coming out could mean the end of his career.
After a tough game, Dylan’s discovery of a pair of vintage skates in an old locker unexpectedly sends him spiraling back in time to 1980, just before the US Olympic hockey team’s “Miracle on Ice.” Bewildered by his arrival, he meets Nico Santoro, a low-level minor league player who quickly becomes more than a friend.
Soon, Dylan and Nico form a bond that transcends time. From hilarious adventures learning to cross-country ski to finding themselves at a home in a 1980 New York City disco and witnessing the U.S. hockey team’s historic victory over the U.S.S.R., they gradually fall deeply in love.
What neither of them understand is the mechanism for Dylan’s trip through time and what might cause him to be sent back to his future. Ultimately, Dylan is faced with an impossible choice: his career as a rising hockey star or a chance to change the game’s history by remaining by Nico’s side.

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