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Till Death Do Us Part (Red Hot #2) by Aspen Kelly – Free eBooks Download


“I loved her…Was in love with her. Wanted to be with Tessa and only Tessa for the rest of my life. It was a revelation that shook me to my core in every moment of every day…
I watched her go, wishing she didn’t have to, wanting even more of her. Christ. How were we going to work together when all I wanted to do was push her up against every surface and have my way with her?
I tried to distract myself with the mail, flipping through the flyers and junk before stopping on a single, plain envelope with no postage. Just my name. It would’ve had to have been hand-delivered. I had no idea what made me open it first. Maybe my gut knew something was wrong. But my blood ran cold at the sight of the familiar scrawled cursive on the sheet of paper folded around a photo of Tessa, taken when she was walking through this parking lot, oblivious to the photographer.
Mariah, the psychotic mother of my son was back. And she knew I was with Tessa. Just when I thought it was going to be a good day.”
Anderson and Tessa are in love – and in business – with each other. They’re busy planning their wedding and moving into their new office building, but all bets are off when Anderson’s ex, Mariah – the mother of his son Zachary – roars back into the picture. Mariah won’t stop until she gets her men back – and she’ll manipulate and hurt anyone she has to in order to achieve her goal.
Just when Tessa was counting on smooth sailing and a happily ever after…

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