Three Rugged Bosses and a Clueless Girl by Chloe Kent (ePUB)

three rugged bosses, chloe kent

Three Rugged Bosses and a Clueless Girl by Chloe Kent – Free eBooks Download


Michelle Carter’s life can’t get any worse than this. Her brand-new food truck explodes, which wouldn’t have been such a terrible thing if she’d gotten around to actually have it insured. It was next on her to-do list, honest. And now the mafia guy she owes a large sum of money has laid claim to her fingers, all of them if she doesn’t pay up.
Her bank guy told her to get a job so she could get a loan but she’s twenty-two years old, and a dreamer with no work experience, and time is running out for her. She also has too much pride to ask for help… Well, she’s more embarrassed to say why she needs help. Sane people don’t take money from loan sharks.
But at a family barbecue, with paint on her face and an extra pair of eyebrows, thanks to her little niece, she overhears her brother’s best friends are in need of a PA since their previous one, upped and left to get married.
Michelle is their girl.
She is absolutely certain, if given one tiny chance she can do the job. Her fingers are at stake, for goodness’ sake.
Except, construction company owners Marc Johnston, Jake Knight, and Evan Saunders will do everything in their power not to have their best friend’s little sister in their space. Not for even a minute.

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