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thor, aria ray

Thor (Dark Slayers MC #8) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


A spoiled, pampered Mafia Princess stolen on her wedding day by a tough protective biker — a recipe for disaster.
Every girl dreams of finding her Prince Charming.
For me, that dream was smashed into a thousand pieces by my controlling father.
He’s the money man for a powerful mafia Don, and my marriage is arranged to seal an alliance between prominent mob families.
My groom? He’s as far from any girl’s fantasy as a man can be – violent, imposing, and unpredictable.
I’m desperate but there’s no way to escape and no place to hide from my father and the Family.
Unless – I’m snatched away on my wedding day bya badass biker who’s stupid enough to believe he’s saving me.
Thor, a piece of tattooed perfection, promises to protect me. But no one crosses the mafia and lives to tell about it.
Now we are both doomed and I end up being Thor’s captive, trading one gilded cage for another.
Except for this time, my captor’s penetrating stares, and deep, gravelly voice make me feel things I’ve never felt before.
Our mutual simmering hatred is in danger of growing into forbidden love – and suddenly, I’m not so sure that I want to break free from his clutches after all.
Could this rough, devilishly handsome biker be my Prince Charming?
And will we live long enough to find out?

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