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third time

Third Time’s a Charm (Order of Magic #2) by MichelleMPillow – Free eBooks Download


Friends don’t let friends séance drunk.

Vivien Stone lost the love of her life over twenty years ago. Now that she’s in her forties with a string meaningless relationships under her belt, she can’t help but pine for what might have been. It doesn’t help that she’s somewhat psychic and can pretty much predict where a relationship is heading before it even starts.

When she and her best friends find a hidden book of séances, Vivien believes it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to her lost love. But things don’t go as planned and what was meant to be a romantic reunion takes a turn for the bizarre.

Maybe some things (and people) are better left buried in the past, and what she really needs has been standing in front of her all along.

Book contains: kick-butt women who are considered middle-aged in their forties but who don’t let themselves be defined by a number, paranormal elements (psychics, ghosts, magic, etc), some strong language (nothing too earth-shattering), sexy scenes but they aren’t 50 shades of OMG or anything, and a nice heaping helping of a second chance at first love. Doing midlife right!

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