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These Pucking Boys (This Pucking Love #1) by Michelle Hercules – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, there was a small-town girl with big dreams. She planned to move to LA with her high school sweetheart; they’d get married, and she’d become the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood.

She did accomplish the moving to LA part, and she’s about to tick marrying her boyfriend off the list. But all her plans go up in flames when she proposes on the Jumbotron during a Titans’ hockey game, and he says no. He’s been screwing one of her friends!
In case you’re wondering, that stupid-ass small-town girl is me.
After the most humiliating moment of my existence, I never want to go out in public again. But here comes the plot twist.
Three of the Titans hockey players saw my fiasco on TV, and to cheer me up, they invite me to a Titans team party. I couldn’t care less about meeting them in person, but the prospect of free booze wins me over.
I don’t expect to end up in a hotel room with the trio and have the hottest, most mind-blowing one-night stand of my life.
Not in my wildest fantasies did I imagine sleeping with three men, but it’s okay—I’ll never see them again, right?
I was wrong about that too.

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