There’s No Us Without You by Amanda Kade (ePUB)

there's no us, amanda kade

There’s No Us Without You (You Had Me #2) by Amanda Kade – Free eBooks Download


She needs a room to rent.
They have one.
Will a desperate decision heal their broken hearts?

Eden Reeves is on the brink of a mental breakdown. After she catches her to-be husband being unfaithful, and with her deceased father’s dream slipping away, the twenty-two-year-old is left not just without a fiancé but also without a roof over her head.
Enter Willis Becker, a brooding, inked-up stranger, and Emerson de Silva, a professional soccer player and Willis’s best friend. When she stumbles into Willis’s bar, they throw Eden a lifeline, inviting her into their world of tangled emotions and unspoken desires.
Choosing to live life on her own terms, Eden accepts the generous offer from the two gorgeous men, in the hopes to get her life back on track and move on from the heartbreak. But with a deadline looming over her head to keep her promises to her father, Eden makes a rash decision, fully aware it may just destroy her new life. Little does she know, though, both men are hiding secrets of their own, ones that could be exposed any moment.

As passion mingles with secrecy, can Eden save what is left of her broken world and convince Willis and Emerson that their love is irreplaceable? Or will the shadows of their combined secrets tear them apart forever?

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