There I Find Wisdom by Jessie Gussman (ePUB)

there i find wisdom, jessie gussman

There I Find Wisdom (Strawberry Sands Beach Romances #9) by Jessie Gussman – Free eBooks Download


Dakota Esenwein’s life took a turn she never expected after a heartbreak and a whirlwind of bad decisions led her away from her one true love. Now divorced, she’s back in the picturesque town of Strawberry Sands, seeking a fresh start as she reopens the souvenir shop she inherited from her grandmother and struggles with the challenges of single motherhood.
Ryan Landry, with the echoes of the rodeo still haunting him, is drawn back to the town he grew up in and where his family still lives. He’s restless and unsettled, even as he takes a job fixing up the old souvenir shop which he does around his true love of training horses.
As the waves gently lap the shores, the two are thrown together, their past mistakes hanging in the balance. Can Strawberry Sands, with its tranquil beaches and faith-filled community, offer them a second chance at love? Dive into a poignant tale of forgiveness, redemption, and rediscovered love set against the backdrop of golden sands and sunlit horizons.

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