Their Foreign Affair by Tracy Cooper-Posey (ePUB)

their foreign affair, tracy cooper-posey

Their Foreign Affair (Scandalous Family: The Victorians #3) by Tracy Cooper-Posey – Free eBooks Download


At the altar, facing marriage to a foreign Duke, Ann flees…

Ann Thomsett, a descendant of royalty but a commoner herself, has worked to find a high-ranking husband to help the family restore its badly tarnished reputation. On the verge of her marriage to a Norwegian noble, though, she flees the cathedral with the help of a most unexpected ally; Adam Martell Davies.

Adam is technically a member of the great family, but dislikes his English cousins and their ways, and much prefers to spend his time alone with his thoughts. During a rainy afternoon at Innesford, he is forced to endure Ann’s company and finds it not completely intolerable, after all.

So when Ann throws herself at him, begging him to help her escape her Duke, Adam does. The pair dash across Europe, chased by the Duke’s men and rabid journalists who report the romantic couple’s affair to the newspapers of Europe. No one seems to care that they are nothing but friends…

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