The Wolf’s Pretend Mate by Sophie Stern (ePUB)

wolf's pretend mate, sophie stern

The Wolf’s Pretend Mate (Shifters of Rawr County #4) by Sophie Stern – Free eBooks Download


Daphne has had her heart set on being Alpha ever since she was a little cub. Everything she’s done has been to prepare her for taking over the Rawr County Wolf Pack. She knows she’s going to be a fair and wonderful leader, but when the pack elders hit her with a leadership requirement, she’s caught off guard.

She has to get MARRIED?
She doesn’t even have time to date! How is she going to find a husband?

Fletcher is the kind of guy who never turns down a dare. He especially doesn’t turn down a dare from curvy, luscious women he meets in bars. When one particularly adorable woman dares him to marry her, he thinks it’s a joke, but when he wakes up married to the wolf Alpha the next day, he realizes he just might be in over his head.

Will the pack accept Fletcher as Daphne’s mate?
Will they suspect their marriage isn’t exactly legit?

And who in the pack seems determine to sabotage Daphne’s rule as leader?

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