The Wolf’s Pregnant Mate by Lyra Atlas (ePUB)

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The Wolf’s Pregnant Mate (Stardust Hollow Wolves #2) by Lyra Atlas – Free eBooks Download


I got knocked up by the enemy.
My pack expected me to stay a virgin. But then I let loose for one night with a stranger.
Little did I know that he’s the enemy and forbidden territory.
Now I’m an outcast with a pregnant belly. And the enemy wants to claim me.

I’m banished from my pack and have nowhere to go.
So when my baby’s daddy insists I stay in his house, I don’t have much of a choice.
His distant attitude tells me that he’s doing this out of obligation.
But his roaming hands tell me that his wolf wants to claim me.

I try to keep my cool, but the heat between these walls is making me burn.
Burn with desire and uncontrolled longing for his body.
Burn for his teasing touch and unspoken promises.
But he’s still forbidden, so when I find myself taken, bound and gagged…will he leave me to burn on my own?

Or will he come for his mate and baby?

The small town of Stardust Hollow is full of wolves who will fight to protect you, howl to impress you, and claim your lips to win your love. Because a true wolf won’t let go until he gets what he wants…his mate.

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