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The Witch’s Alpha by Eva Kent – Free eBooks Download


Bayton Heights promised escape. I never thought it might also offer me love.

All I want is a life where I can be myself. Where I can stop hiding who and what I am, where I’m not considered “strange.” Everyone like me knows about Bayton Heights, a tourist town that’s also a haven for the supernatural, but it’s not easy to just uproot my entire life and move.
Until I come into an inheritance that changes everything.
Suddenly, my dreams feel like they’re within reach–a tea shop and bookstore all my own, as if all my journal entries and mood boards have come to life. It can be mine, if I’m willing to take the chance–a new future, and a new life all my own.
Love doesn’t factor into any of it. Especially not love in the form of a man who isn’t only handsome and dangerous, but a wolf shifter. An alpha. The kind of man who hates witches–and will hate me, if he ever realizes what I am.
I came to Bayton to stop hiding. And if this alpha wants to love me, he’ll love all of me…or not at all.

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