The Wild Side of Hell by Elizabeth N. Harris (ePUB)

wild side, elizabeth n harris

The Wild Side of Hell (Hellfire MC #6) by Elizabeth N. Harris – Free eBooks Download


Blunt, driven, cocksure, and muscled. That was a Hellfire brother. Mix in determination, nosiness and enormous ego, and you had an officer of Hellfire. And like his brothers, he was fully capable of recognising what was his when he saw it. She may have hidden right under his nose at first, but he’d seen her now, and she was right in the middle of his bullseye.
Safe for years, different, shy and under the protection of a man, who wrote the book about overly protective men, she’d hidden in plain sight. Except now, the bossy biker wanted to know more and know her. And she was sure she’d heard mention of claiming. And knowing how her boss loved a happy story, she was on edge! Until the day she was discovered, not by those who cared for her. All her years of running and remaining hidden amounted to nothing because they had found her once again, and this time it was harder for her to run. Especially when those eyes begged her to stay and trust him.
Nobody was going to take her. She belonged to him. He knew she was hiding from someone, but he had no idea who or why. He’s stunned when the truth comes out, but it doesn’t stop him from doing what is needed. Even if he sleeps on her doorstep to protect her. She should know but has clearly forgotten that when someone threatens the woman of a Hellfire brother, they unleash Hell. And Hell comes in many forms!

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