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The Wife Win (Puget Sound Pilots #2) by Sierra Hill – Free eBooks Download


My philosophy in basketball is simple: take your shot. If you miss, take another.
Rinse. Repeat. Win.
But life doesn’t follow that pattern. I took my shot, got married and found success as the GM of the Puget Sound Pilots. And then everything fell apart.
I failed. I lost. I got divorced. I hoped to leave it all behind, burying my past regrets. Promising myself I’d never marry again.
Then the chapter reopens with a tell-all book that highlights my failures.
Sports broadcaster Harper Conrad is the only one in my corner. She wants an exclusive. I give it to her but with two conditions.
#1: Attend a weekend basketball event in Chicago with me and my staff.
#2: And no personal questions.
Will offering this exclusive add another mistake to my growing list? Or will it be the best win of my life?
Note: The Wife Win is book 2 in the Pilots Series, an interconnected basketball sports series. Each book can be read on its own.

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