The Whims of Hate by Mell R. Bright (ePUB)

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The Whims of Hate (Monstrous Whims #2) by Mell R. Bright – Free eBooks Download


A true enemies-to-lovers gay monster romance with forced proximity, set in a post-apocalyptic world with giant monsters.

Oliver is left for dead in the ruins of his underground city. The love of his life has betrayed him and disappeared with his devil. His dark blood slowly flows out of his veins, stripping his electricity away, while a creature of legend destroys his dream. Death cannot come soon enough.
And yet, it’s not death that finds him first, but the beautiful man he had taken prisoner just the day before. Jude has a plan to escape the underground city and survive, and he’ll let nothing—or no one—stand in his way.
Oliver will be swept away by the hateful young man and dragged to the harsh life in the wastelands once again, where men have turned into monsters and the old gods rule over all.
He will learn that Hate is just Love’s jealous companion, and that Jude is a foe he might not want to vanquish.

THE WHIMS OF HATE (Monstrous Whims #2) (18+) is a redemption arc following the first book, THE WHIMS OF GODS.
Trigger warning: violence, sexual abuse, toxic relationships (that become healthy), explicit sex scenes, non-human genitalia, and death.

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