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The Warrior Prince (Palaxian protectors of Earth #1) by Snow Morningstar – Free eBooks Download


I hate to say I’m right. Aliens exist. I’m not crazy. I’m also not fooled by this artificial camouflage.
My name is Brittany Kekoa. I’ve been studying the sky for years. I’m the last one working at the Mauna Kea observatory in Hawaii. My best friend June thinks I’m spending too much time alone staring at the sky all night repeatedly. She’s right about that. But when she tells me I captured pictures of random floating ‘space junk’, I laugh out loud. They are some sort of space ships. I can almost see the faces behind the windshield. I try selling the pictures to the tabloid’s. And made some aliens really mad. So mad, they came for me.
There is something ‘off’ to say the least about me hero. He looks like a clean cut baby face military guy. He’s supposed to be saving me from these bad lizard alien jerks that are looking for me and my research. Instead, we are hiding in a closet, and kissing, They are breaking down doors trying to find us. Something falls off the shelf and my world goes black, but not before seeing a big blue naked alien. With huge horns. Might I also mention add he has rippling stomach muscles for days. And a V that leads directly to his rock hard you-know-what. Some might find him terrifying, I think he’s sexy.
I wake up in a hospital. No one will tell me where I am.
I want to know the truth.
I want to see that big blue hunk again, I’m disappointed when he doesn’t show up.
Did I suffer a head injury and imagine the whole thing?
Once I get all the answers I need, I refuse to go home. I’m a missing person on Earth now. Everything that happens next is all my fault. My hero, his best friend and I are all held against our will on the elder’s ship, more accurately, a floating city.
I watch the alien version of news. A prince has been arrested for the same crimes as my hero.
Except he isn’t a prince. Is he? You think I would notice he is the highest crown prince.

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