The Virgin I Desire by Jéssica Macedo (ePUB)

virgin i desire, jessica macedo

The Virgin I Desire (Mafia Heirs #1) by Jéssica Macedo – Free eBooks Download


Upon becoming the boss of the Russian mafia, Mikhail Orlov learned that to get what he wanted it was necessary to get blood on his hands. As king, he wants to have everything he desires, including a forbidden woman, who he saw on a mission four years ago, and who he can’t get out of his mind.

Pietra is Marco Bellucci’s daughter, and the princess of the Italians. She grew up in a dome in order to be protected from her father’s enemies and learned that there was nothing more important than family. But a sight from the past is about to return and make her walk on a tightrope between desire and reason.
She knows the rules. Her father is the one who will choose her husband and she needs to remain chaste, but the heart makes us do crazy things. Russians and Italians are enemies. This romance is doomed from the start. Mikhail doesn’t care about anyone else and will step over anyone to get what he wants.

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