The Vampire’s Mate by Wendi L. Wilson (ePUB)

vampire's mate, wendi wilson

The Vampire’s Mate by Wendi L. Wilson – Free eBooks Download


Vampires are real…and a hot, broody, talented one just moved in next door.

I almost can’t believe the video footage of real vampires splashed across the nightly news. But seeing is believing, and when the previously hidden race reveals itself on national television for the whole world to see, I’m shocked. I’ve been writing vampire romance novels for years, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they actually existed.
And as if the video footage wasn’t enough, I get a double dose of reality when one of them rents the apartment right next door.
Jesse Lee is gorgeous, a bit broody, and eerily similar to the hero in my romance novels. He has laser-sharp senses, the ability to sense moods, and he can make me––ahem––arrive with a single word or thought.
But he also has secrets. The biggest being that he’s heir to the vampire throne and is hiding out in Georgia to live free of the responsibilities until he’s called back to Los Angeles to take his sire’s place as king.
But when the king falls ill––a feat that can only be accomplished by dark magic––he must return to the west coast to find the witches responsible and save his father…or take his place on the throne. He tries to leave me behind, but that doesn’t work for me. At all.
So, I pack up and follow him, landing right in the middle of the turmoil. Dark plots, magical adversaries, family betrayal, and a connection to home I never expected await me as I try to help Jesse protect those he cares about…all while navigating a mate-bond I never dreamed could exist in real life.

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