The Vampire Dream by Zara Novak (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Vampire Dream (Tales of Vampires #7) by Zara Novak – Free eBooks Download


The first thing April noticed when she came to was the chain around her ankle. Then she heard the other girls screaming. How had they got there? What was happening?
When the platform ascends, she finds herself in the middle of a floodlit forest, and on the horizon hundreds of shirtless men with glowing red eyes linger in the shadows. A siren breaks through the night, and the hordes of men flock forward with impossible speed.
Vampires are real, and one hundred deranged prisoners charge through the night to claim a girl. In the chaos April at best can only pray for a quick death, but in the sea of violent insanity one pair of red eyes shine differently from the rest. He’s tall, well-built, incredibly handsome and absolutely terrifying.

Her heart quickens, her skin prickles with lightning. Who is her savior?
Bane has been a prisoner far too long. He and his fellow prisoners are released once a month for recreation to indulge their primal vampire needs. Bane loathes the violent chaos, but when his sick captors offer freedom in exchange for his life Bane suddenly finds he has to fight to survive. One hundred sanity-starved vampires are now after his neck, but that’s not even the worst part:
Bane just realized his mate is here too.
She’s drop-dead gorgeous, curvy, has an attitude to beat, and is a spoiled-princess with brains. Damn. Bane might just have to fight for this one.

Good thing he knows how to survive out in the open.
When destiny forces the unlikely couple together, they are pushed on a whirlwind adventure, running from a dangerous company and stumbling headfirst into the thralls of a vampire prophecy. Evil lurks on every corner, nowhere is safe.
Will the couple live long enough to tell one another how they really feel?

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