The Truth About Us by Claudia Burgoa (ePUB)

truth about us, claudia burgoa

The Truth About Us (Impossibly Possible #2) by Claudia Burgoa – Free eBooks Download


Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings the conclusion of the Impossible Possible duet with The Truth About Us.

Every night, I find myself caught between dreams and wakefulness.
Yearning for a past that slips through my fingers.
Each night, whisper prayers into the darkness.
Longing for just one kiss, one more touch . . .
Longing for her.
Maybe forever is a lie.
The truth is that tragedy will always break your heart.
But maybe, this time, I can build something greater out of tragedy.
Maybe . . . just maybe love isn’t as lost as I once thought.
And maybe forever might still happen to me.

The final book in the Impossible Possible duet examines grief, loss, and ultimate love put to the test.

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