The Trouble With Nerds by April Kelley (ePUB)

trouble with nerds, april kelley

The Trouble With Nerds (Saint Lakes #13) by April Kelley – Free eBooks Download


When the past collides with his dragon shifter fated mate, only one of them will win.
Henri’s doesn’t have friends. He has his clan, which is more like a family. And he has work colleagues at the college where he teaches but he’s better friends with the mouse who lives underneath his couch. He has a good reason for steering clear of people. He’s been burned before. It seems he’s destined to always pay a price for trusting the wrong person. And that price might just be a deadly one.
Rocky is on a mission. First, he has to get his mate to talk to him. After he accomplishes that, he plans on earning his trust. And then they’ll get to the mating part. It has to be in that order because Rocky knows Henri’s secret. And that secret could change the fate for all paranormals.
How do you earn the trust of a nerdy turtle shifter when time is running out?
Rocky is just starting to figure that out when Henri’s past comes to Saint Lakes. He’ll protect his mate at all costs even if it means fighting a war he’s not sure they could win.

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