The Triumph of It All by Jamie Bennett (ePUB)

triumph of it all, jamie bennett

The Triumph of It All by Jamie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard to come home again—you never know what’s waiting there for you…

Grier Warren won’t be waltzing back into Tennessee as the same woman who left it. When she flew to California ten years before, she was a loser, but now? She’s the picture of success. She’s ready to show everyone she left behind how wrong they were about her. She’ll show her former best friend, Shaw, that he made a large mistake by forgetting her and letting go of the amazing relationship that they’d had, the one that had been the most important thing in her life.
He had the chance to make something of himself, too, but apparently he wasted it. Instead of being like Grier, always successful, always a winner, Shaw has let himself turn into a semi-recluse—and that has nothing to do with their past. It’s not her fault, it’s not the fault of her family, it’s not because of the accident, it’s not because of the money, and it’s not anyone’s problem but his own. Right?
It’s hard to come home again, when old friendships turn more complicated and old problems threaten to derail all the triumph of your wonderful life. The future for Grier and Shaw will have to be something new, something beyond the what they shared in high school. But what will they do if the past just won’t let them go?
Can they hold on to each other?

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