The Tracker’s Relief by Charlie Richards (ePUB)

tracker's relief, charlie richards

The Tracker’s Relief (A Loving Nip #32) by Charlie Richards – Free eBooks Download


Just a little Love Bite: A vampire tracker thinks he’s missed his chance, only to discover his beloved in the most unlikely of places.

Henry Cosker knows he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. His uncle’s abuse took care of that. Still, when he learns his uncle is out of jail and begins getting mysterious—and chilling—messages from an unknown number, he puts two and two together. Even though it’s against his uncle’s parole, Henry knows the man is after him. Getting run off the road, he does the only thing he can think of… he runs into the woods and jumps a fence.
As it’s been a few years since anyone in Gerald Wintry’s coven has found a beloved—the other half of their soul—Gerald figures he’s missed his opportunity. Over the centuries, he’s seen that Fate’s gifts come in waves, and he’s resigned himself to having to wait until the next round. That changes when, while following up on a tripped sensor, Gerald spots a human running into the back of the garden maze. Tracking him down, he learns his name is Henry, and he’s Gerald’s beloved.
Except, Henry is wary of strangers, and for good reason. With a little help from a few friends, Gerald convinces his beloved that he can be trusted. Can Gerald keep Henry safe from the specters of his past?

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