The Taming of a Scandal by Kathleen Ayers (ePUB)

taming of scandal, kathleen ayers

The Taming of a Scandal (The Beautiful Barringtons #8) by Kathleen Ayers – Free eBooks Download


Lady Phaedra is the Disastrous Barrington
Sister of the Duke of Averell, Phaedra has always been a bit wild and bold, even for a Barrington. While her sisters painted or gardened, Phaedra was learning to fence, run a gambling hell and now she’s taken up knife throwing. Everyone in London, indeed all of England, is holding their collective breath in anticipation of Phaedra’s impending scandal. The other half are making wagers on her in Elysium’s notorious Red Book.

Morgan Stewart left his morals and humanity behind when he dug his way out of New York’s notorious Five Points. Manhattan society gives him a wide berth, not only because his business rivals have a habit of disappearing, but the accusations of murder hovering about his broad shoulders have never faded away. Morgan finds a use for everyone in his schemes and Lady Phaedra is no exception. An enormous wager placed in the Red Book will set things in motion. She will be a means to an end. Nothing more.

But when Morgan glimpses Lady Phaedra Barrington striding about Hagerty’s boxing establishment, he is struck for once by something other than brutal ambition and revenge. One tortured kiss with such a ferocious creature and Morgan decides wagering on Phaedra may have been unwise. His heart, long forgotten, starts to beat once more.

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