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surrogate omega, jacey davis

The Surrogate Omega (Unexpected Omegas #2) by Jacey Davis – Free eBooks Download


This special edition of Surrogate Omega contains both part one and part two of the original story. It features a new cover and has been lightly revised and re-edited.

Part One:
With all of the changes happening in Lake Simmon’s life in the past year, he’s had to learn how to adapt and adjust, or he’d be lost. Since most of the changes are good ones, like his baby niece, he is learning to come to terms with the lack of stability that he has always relied on. While some of the changes make him uneasy, he finds he is comfortable with the knowledge that he also has the Omega gene, like his twin brother River. After friends receive some devastating news, Lake knows that he wants to help and offers to be the surrogate for them.

There is one change Lake never saw coming: falling in love.

But when events from his past lead to Lake meeting Evander, he feels an instant connection to the man that awakens feelings Lake has never felt before. Then Ev introduces him to his best friend, Logan, and sparks fly between the three men.

Part Two:
If someone asked Lake Simmons a year ago what he imagined his life to be like in a year, he’d never in a million years imagine this. He somehow went from never having a relationship to having not only one but two mates. And if that isn’t wild enough, he’s now helping his friends fulfill their dreams of a family by being their surrogate. He never dreamt he’d want a life like this, but now he can’t imagine anything else.

Not everything is smooth sailing, of course. Between the holidays, busy schedules, long work hours, and undercover work trips, Lake and his mates, Evander and Logan, find themselves fumbling to solidify their new relationship and find their rhythm. When one of his mates has a case at work he just can’t let go of, Lake finds himself getting involved against his better judgment.

When everything comes to a head, and the secrets Lake has been keeping come to light, the three men must come together to fight their battles as one. Because at the end of the day, no matter what struggles they face, Lake, Logan, and Evander know it’s better to face them together.

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