The Stars Above Us by Maggie Gates (ePUB)

stars above us, maggie gates

The Stars Above Us by Maggie Gates – Free eBooks Download


“You can do this. You’re not some kind of damsel in distress.”
“Then what am I?”
How did she not see it? She didn’t walk through fire; she was fire. I cracked a smile, “You’re the dragon.”
What happened to Troy Davis?

That’s what Becks is determined to figure out. When life takes an unexpected turn and plops her in the middle of the Afghan desert, the hotshot journalist finds herself surrounded by bullets, grenades, and a grumpy Army captain with a chip the size of Texas on his very broad shoulders. The captain is determined to get under her skin just as much as she gets under his.

All Captain Nathan Griffith wanted was to shake off the hell he’d faced over the last few years during a quiet deployment in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for him and the rest of the boys of Company B, Forward Operating Base Blessing fit the bill. When word comes down that a war correspondent is going to be embedded with them during their deployment, SHE is the last person he thought would ever show up. After the unthinkable happens, Becks and Griff are torn between duty and desire. He never expected to find his fresh start in the middle of hell, but what will happen when Becks finally gets the answers she’s been looking for?

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